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Mimosa Scheduling Software 5.7.6
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File Size: 912.6 Kb

Mimosa Scheduling Software 5.7.6

Publisher:Mimosa Software Ltd.
Platform:Windows, Linux, MAC
Requirements:3 MB on disk
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Mimosa Scheduling Software - Mimosa is a universal scheduling and course planning software for use in any kind of educational institute. It is also used to schedule conferences and work-shifts in business and industry. The application is fast, user-friendly and has an extremely large capacity. It has a rich set of efficient optimization tools and interactive timetabling selections. Mimosa has spread fast through the Internet to several schools and businesses in 70 countries and on all continents.

Mimosa users are also entitled to free and life-long software updates.

User-friendliness prevents from making common mistakes; instead users receive useful hints, answers to what-if questions and you also have the context-sensitive help or access the tutorial on our webpage. You can create all or some of the timetables either automatically, or interactively and in any order.

Openness of the software allows you to move data easily to and from other applications via numerous Clipboard selections and the text file conversion tools.

Flexible architecture enables Mimosa to fit for all types of users, very easily. It supports all school and university forms organizations and companies, since you can easily configure the application for your special scheduling needs or apply the included templates and sample files.

Enormous capacity of Mimosa allows you to manage up to 300,000 timetables, 30 slots in a day of a 7-day week, and 255 terms and over 8000 codes in a single small file. No third-party databases or additional software is used with Mimosa in order to guarantee maximum performance, reliability and easy maintenance, combined with low end-user price.

Several departments can use Mimosa simultaneously and automatically merge their files over a network, expanding its capacity even larger. The network extension is not based on any specific network architectures, and it takes into account the dynamic nature of Mimosa data files and does not require any other licensee fees.

List of Changes:

Version 5.7.6 from 2012-11-22

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Version 5.7.5 from 2012-11-08

Usability and icon changes

Version 5.7.4 from 2012-10-30

Memo box additions

Version 5.7.3 from 2012-10-21

Visual changes in Timetables view

Version 5.6.7 from 2012-07-25

MS Outlook Calendar multiple events conversion error corrected

Version 5.6.3 from 2012-05-05

Support to mobile device and web appointment applications added

Version 5.6.2 from 2012-04-30

iCalendar & vCalendar options and batch mode file merge added

Version 5.5.8 from 2012-01-16

Minor stability fixes

Version 5.5.3 from 2011-11-27

Minor updates and fixes

Version 5.5.0 from 2011-10-18

Miscellaneous updates

Version 5.4.0 from 2011-08-15

Colour selections renewed

Version 5.3.8 from 2011-05-15

Web-compliant colour selections added

Version 5.3.7 from 2011-04-15

Demo file creation

Version 5.3.6 from 2011-04-11

Demo file creation selection

Version 5.3.2 from 2011-02-20

Daily course schedule copy option

Version 5.3 from 2011-02-10

Course timetables copy/paste selections added

Version 5.2.8 from 2011-01-21

One-click course move option and drag&drop

Version 5.1.6 from 2010-10-07

Bug fix in course edit view

Version 5.1.5 from 2010-10-03

Optimisation algorithm improvements

Version 5.1.0 from 2010-09-23

Additions to course split feature

Version 5.00 from 2010-09-03

Instant course scheduling option added

Version 4.28 from 2010-08-26

Minor changes and improvements

Version 4.27.7 from 2010-08-02

Minor usability improvements

Version 4.27.6 from 2010-07-25

Indexing of new "untitled" files

Version 4.27.5 from 2010-07-08

Bug fix in code selection dialog

Version 4.27.4 from 2010-06-21

Optimisation tool enhancements

Version 4.27.1 from 2010-05-31

Minor improvements and fixes

Version 4.22 from 2010-01-31

First time use changes to course and component edit

Version 4.21.2 from 2010-01-24

Web layout and printer selection changes

Version 4.21.1 from 2010-01-20

Font display unified across all browsers

Version 4.20.1 from 2009-12-20

New menu selection, miscellaneous improvements

Version 4.19 from 2009-12-11

Additional html options

Version 4.18.2 from 2009-11-26

Text file conversion extensions

Version 4.18 from 2009-11-17

Additions to "Tools|Optimise" selection

Version 4.16.2 from 2009-09-28

Minor updates

Version 4.16 from 2009-09-25

Menu and report selection changes

Version 4.15 from 2009-09-19

Help file changes plus minor software fixes

Version 4.14.5 from 2009-09-16

HTML style file editor, overload warning added

Version 4.14.3 from 2009-09-13

National characters updates

Version 4.14 from 2009-08-22

Small changes and manual updates

Version 4.13.9 from 2009-07-14

Course edit functionality added

Version 4.13.8 from 2009-06-13

Web page week selection format changed

Version 4.11 from 2008-05-24

Minor improvements


Mimosa scheduling software

Download Now
File Size: 912.6 Kb

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Latest User Reviews:

Carla Boner 2009-10-14 11:02:45 #
Version: 4.16.6

I am scheduling only two employees and no other items, rooms, or supplies, so this program appears to be far more than what we need at the moment.

Jmoreno 2009-04-04 15:48:06 #
Version: 4.13

After viewing the download, I found that it was not useful for my application. Thanks

Noell 2009-02-04 02:43:01 #
Version: 4.11

Not Suitable for our use thanks.

Not suitable for our use thanks.

Darlene 2008-10-20 14:05:52 #
Version: 4.11

Unable to use Mimosa for other purpose

I was looking for software to assist an athletic director with keeping track of scheduled use of a single high school gym. (Consequently, we needed it for only one location, but multiple users.) I worked with the software for more than an hour and found it to be too complex for our purposes. Since many school employees have limited computer literacy unless it relates directly to their job, whatever software we identified had to be easy to use. Otherwise, as in our case, the AD would just stick with using his wall calendar that is only accessible when he is in his office! I didn't find Mimosa to be organized intuitively enough to be able to recommend it to the AD. It will do a lot more than what we needed and may do an excellent job at that. For our purposes, it was too complex.

Download Now
File Size: 912.6 Kb